Safety of TKI concurrent with cranial radiotherapy in NSCLC patients; The SATIN platform trial


Type carcinoma: NSCLC met mutatie
Stadium: IV
Mutatie: n/a
Site: Maastricht UMC, Erasmus MC



To be eligible to participate in this study, a patient must meet all of the following criteria:
– Stage IV NSCLC with driver mutation, treated with TKI
– Development of brain metastases or progression of brain metastases during TKI

– Indication for cranial radiotherapy determined by treating physician and radiation
oncologist with continuation of the TKI
– Age ≥ 18 years
– Ability to understand neurocognitive testing
– Written informed consent


A potential patient who meets any of the following criteria will be excluded from
participation in this study:
– Interruption of TKI during WBRT/SRT (i.e. it is decided by the multidisciplinary
team to not give the TKI concurrent with cranial irradiation. Accidentally missing one
dose does not count as interruption)
– Prior radiotherapy to the brain when this precludes new radiotherapy.
– Neurologic/psychiatric illnesses (such as Alzheimer’s disease)
– Claustrophobia
– Metal implants or other contra-indication for MRI
– Inability to lie supine for 30 minutes time (MRI)
– Pregnancy

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